Tuesday, November 08, 2011

[Suggestion] Keep your documents safe and secure this holiday at www.amedco.sharefile.com

There are numerous documents that, in essence, has little value to others, but great importance to you and becomes an instant nightmare in the event that it is lost, damaged or stolen.

We would like to make a suggestion. Let us explore some documents that might be important to you:

Copies of your ID document, Passport, Drivers License and Gun License. [Especially that copy of your passport that you wish you made before losing your wallet in Thailand]

Documents like proof of banking and proof of residential address are nowadays required for almost anything and always at home when you decide to upgrade your cellphone after work or apply for a new account.

Your Last Will and Testament will only be required after your death. Retirement annuities and policy numbers that mature in 30 years! Registration papers for vehicles and title deeds of Properties and Trusts. The list is endless.

Amedco would like to offer you a free solution: store those documents online and encrypted at www.amedco.sharefile.com. You will not only have secure online access to all your existing Amedco life policies and investments, but also any other document that you deemed important and wish to store online in your personal folder. You can even upload them yourself.

Because we have access to your files we strongly recommend that documents of very personal nature like love letters and dirty pictures of ex-lovers not be uploaded. Having said this, we have no intention of snooping around and to make sure of that there is a built in setting that allows for an e-mail to be sent to you should anyone download any files from your personal space. All changes to files are logged and recorded. You might find the idea that documents are accessible by us intrusive, but this is not a file sharing service. This is an extension of our trusted relationship with our clients. We already know and possess almost all your important documents. Now we would like to share them with you.

Certified documents

If you need any documents to be certified, we will gladly certify and upload them to your folders. We however reserve the right to call on the original for inspection.

Is this safe?

Yes. Very safe. In our opinion more safe than hard copies. All documents are encrypted and backed up. We use the same encryption as the bank. Read more about the safety features here.

How to jump the queue and sign up?

If you are not an Amedco client but wish to use this free service, send a request to jaco@amedco.co.za If you are a Amedco client, we will contact you in the next few weeks with your login details. If you want to jump the queue send us an e-mail.

But wait, that's not all : -)

Like those corny commercials, there is more! All your files are also available on your cellphone. Download the Sharfile App free for your Apple, Windows Mobile, Android or Blackberry phone in the various app stores.
It is almost December and we know your are day dreaming about you well deserved holiday but just remember: don't get caught without your copies!

Jaco du Plessis